In a country of 1.32 billion people where 48.26 million are unemployed , any kind of automation till recently , was unwelcome .With the government , taking a strong stance on digital technologies , a floodgate of investments seem to have opened up.  AI is the latest muse for investors , large corporates and fintechs alike. A few weeks ago a list of the top 100  AI Startups was compiled and published by the very credible CB Insights and to our utmost dismay  , not a single Indian startup figured in the list.

In a very recent research by Quartz ,  the talent crunch in India’s AI circuit was revealed as extreme. Only 4% of the talent pool has actually worked on deep learning or neural networks. Belong Research quotes that only 17 % of AI talent works around Financial Services and the demand to supply ratio for AI talent has a severe shortfall as seen below. 


This week spelled some good news for a lot of companies toying with a roadmap around AI , startups as well as the developer community  as two very big corporates announced investments to boost AI in India.

Intel bets on India for AI 

Intel announced heavy investment to groom local AI talent and Intel South Asia Managing Director Praksh Mallya said  “Our developer education program will educate 15,000 scientists, developers, analysts and engineers on AI technologies, including Deep Learning and Machine Learning in India.Our collaboration with the industry and the academia will help democratize AI, by reducing entry barriers for developers, data scientists and students,”

Through 60 programs in a year, the initiatives will empower the community with the know-how for AI adoption with ready-to-deploy platforms and tools for solution development. “As India undergoes digital transformation, the data centre and the intelligence behind the data collected will enable the government and industry to make quick decisions based on algorithms,” said Mallya on the margins of Intel’s ‘AI Day 2017′. The company’s Indian subsidiary is collaborating with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Wipro, Julia Computing and Calligo Technologies for using AI in the country.

EY announces its first AI Center in India

Ernst and Young announced its plans to enhance its suite of automation and artificial intelligence offerings with the opening of its first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center in India. Artificial intelligence is already being deployed across industries such as automotive, telecom and technology . EY’s AI Center will bring together teams of multi-disciplinary practitioners, combining expertise in AI, Robotics etc. along with domain experience in sectors.

“The launch of the AI Center,aims to lead the next step of this transformation journey by helping enterprises combine AI’s autonomous reasoning with systemized learning opportunities.” said Milan Sheth, Partner – Advisory Services and Technology Sector Leader, EY India.

Intel’s  developer education program will educate 15,000 scientists, developers, analysts and engineers on AI technologies, including Deep Learning and Machine Learning in India.


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